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Catalog Request Form | KYOCERA

Privacy PolicyRequired

Any personal information provided in this form is handled in accordance with the "Internet Privacy Policy".

Kyocera Corporation (“Kyocera”) makes use of personal information that you provide for the following purposes, in accordance with Kyocera Global internet Privacy Policy.

  • (1) Contacting and/or visiting you when you have requested an explanation or quotation
  • (2) Answering your questions or inquiries
  • (3) Sending you informational materials when you have requested them
  • (4) Informing you about Kyocera products and services or providing you with other such information, and conducting sales activities (In providing information or conducting activities, Kyocera may employ e-mail, postal mail, telephone, fax, web services or direct visits.)
  • (5) Informing you of trade shows and exhibitions, which Kyocera is either hosting or exhibiting at (In providing information, Kyocera may employ e-mail, postal mail, telephone, fax, web services or direct visits.)
  • (6) Conducting questionnaire surveys for the purpose of developing new products or improving existing Kyocera services *For items (4) to (6), “Kyocera” includes Kyocera and its affiliated companies
  • (7) Where you have inquired with Kyocera regarding a product offered by one of its affiliated companies around the world, Kyocera may make joint use of personal information that you provide (your name, company/organization name, e-mail address, telephone number and address) with the relevant affiliated company within the scope of the purposes described in items (1) to (6) above, and you may receive a reply directly from the affiliated company. In such cases, Kyocera takes responsibility for ensuring the appropriate management of personal information by the relevant affiliated company.

Replies from Kyocera are intended to send to you in person, for the purpose of answering your inquiries. Accordingly, we ask you to refrain from forwarding all or part of replies, or use them for other purposes.